Annual Demo Day Event – April 17th from 3 to 9 PM

Callaway; Cleveland; Cobra; Mizuno; PING; Srixon; TaylorMade; Titleist; Tour Edge; Wilson; XXIO will all be here on April 17th from 3 pm – 9 pm.

April 17, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
Arundel Golf Park, 1501 Dorsey Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
CONTACT:  Pro Shop |  410-761-1295


When you hit more quality shots per practice session, you’ll play better especilly if you have bending over issues!

We are excited to announce that Arundel Golf Park is installing the Power Tee system into 26 tee stations. Two of which will be left-handed. This means all new mats with the new automation.

About POWER TEE, the Automatic Choice:

POWER TEE was founded by company CEO Martin Wyeth in 1996 to design, develop and promote automatic teeing. There are hundreds of POWER TEE systems in 12 different countries in operation. And as of today, Wyeth’s vision is a reality with more than 6,000,000 balls teed up daily with a POWER TEE automated system.

POWER TEE is found at some of the best practice facilities in the world such as St Andrews, the Belfry, Wentworth Club and the superb Dromoland Castle in Ireland. This is in addition to over 300 quality driving ranges around the UK, Europe and now in the USA and Arundel Golf Park, in glen Burnie, MD 21061.

The POWER TEE automated teeing system is especially popular with juniors, ladies, seniors and beginners, POWER TEE is an excellent way to attract new players to the game, and keep them in it. The POWER TEE has been proven to increase ball sales where correctly implemented, and is the most powerful improvement one can add to a range.

POWER TEE’s phenomenal success is a result of its deep seated commitment to quality and service combined with the fact that golfers love POWER TEE, they hit more balls per hour while on the range, and are willing to travel further and pay more for the privilege to use POWER TEE.

Key Facts on POWER TEE:

  • Installed in over 300 ranges
  • Operates in 12 countries
  • Tees up more than 6,000,000 balls per day
  • Benefits to golfer:
    • improve swing
    • building confidence
    • maintaining stance
    • developing rhythm
    • muscle memory
    • swing grooving

Awards & Accreditations:

  • Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation – 2009
  • Wiltshire Business of the Year for Industrial Design & Engineering. Judged by James Dyson, founder & CEO of Dyson Limited and inventor of the world’s leading vacuum cleaner
  • Official Supplier to PGA of UK and Europe
  • Preferred Supplier of the Organization of Golf and Range Operators (OGRO), UK
  • Preferred Vendor of the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA), USA
  • Business Partner of the European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA), EUROPE

A look into Demo Day at Arundel Golf Par, Glen Burnie, MD

What it is like at Arundel Golf Park’s Demo Day where you can fin: Callaway Golf, Cleveland/Srixon, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist, Tour Edge, Cobra & Mizuno all at:

Arundel Golf Park, 1501 Dorsey Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
CONTACT:  Pro Shop |  410-761-1295 | provideing:

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Video was provided by Aaron, a Mid-High handicapper in Maryland, USA. Providing golf content from an average golfers point of view. Follow him on Twitter…. Click Here


Arundel Golf Park Custom Golf Club Fitting Info410-761-1295

30 minutes spent on making it easier to hit good shots!

Whether you want to hit more consistent approach shots, longer tee shots, tighter pitch shots or sink more putts, the quickest route is to let us fit you with equipment that works with your swing, your ability and your requirements at Arundel Golf Park.

The best value in golf.

Why buy equipment that doesn’t fit you? Turn any investment in golf equipment into a great return and receive a free assessment and fitting that will set you on a journey to better golf and more fun.

Contact Arundel Golf Park for fitting appointments

Expertise in Technology with FlightScope


We have FlightScope to provide us with Tour quality data on clubhead speed, path, angle of attack and face angle; and then the ball’s performance including smash factor, ball speed, spin rates, launch angle, trajectory, ball flight and distance.

Using that data and years fitting experience, we can work with your swing to find the equipment technology and perfect club fitting setup to deliver you the biggest improvements as quickly as possible.  Book an assessment today

Fitting Menu

Club Selection Results Notes Time it takes Cost

Driver, Fairway Metals or Hybrids

We will usually add >15 yards to a golfer’s tee shots, but have been known to add >30 yards.  Include solutions in your bag for longer fairway shots with fairway metals and/or hybrids.

A driver fitting is much more than changing some weights or adjusting a face angle. It’s about finding the match of swing weight, shaft flex and bend profile, loft, along with the right face profile (level of forgiveness) to get the best results.

60 minutes



This will depend very much on the individual. Some need more consistency, some want a high launch, some want a tighter shot dispersion.

Getting the right shaft length and lie angle is a key to consistent ball striking. Matching shaft flex and clubhead technology helps us find the desired ball flight. The correct swing weight, head technology and bend profile will allow us to realize distance potential. And never underestimate the importance of grip size.

60 minutes



Full Bag Solution

The right priority for your game.

This allows us to build a solution made up of quick fixes, advice, proposed practice, coaching and, if required, equipment upgrades to improve your game.

2 hours



Wedge Fitting

The right set make-up will allow you to hit all the distances from 110 yards in much easier and will give you the tools to get it close or make greenside recoveries. 

Choose the desired head shape/look, loft combinations, bounce angle, shaft configuration and grip.

Of course, loft configuration of the wedges to give you easy distance gapping and the correct bounce to make shot making easier are high on our fitting check list. But so is the shaft and CoG placement, which both have a huge impact on launch and ball flight; and swing weight and total weight, which both impact your ability to make the shorter shots.

45 minutes



Golf Ball Fitting

Choosing the right golf ball for your game can make a dramatic difference in your performance on the golf course.

As with club fitting, ball fitting can guide you to a golf ball that maximizes your game.

45 minutes




Start your journey to better golf. Let us provide you with an assessment and proposed setup that will make it easier for you to hit more good shots – more often.

Congratulations Jim
Jim Kardash, owner of Arundel Golf Park receives GolfDigest Best Teachers Award for Maryland again for the 2017 & 2018 season. 

Golf Digest Awards Arundel Golf Park Best Teachers by State 2015-2018

PGA Golf Lessons & Instruction provided by Jim Kardash & John Miller

Our Golf Instruction Programs are a well-structured, highly comprehensive program geared to long-term improvement and lowering your golf score.

Improvement takes three steps: instruction, efficient practice, and properly fit equipment.

  • Instruction provides knowledge and helps to create more effective movement patterns
  • Practice reinforces what was learned and assists the golfer in creating a more automatic stroke/swing with less conscious thought
  • Properly-fit equipment will reward your good swings, increase your enjoyment of the game, and free you from making compensations in your set up and/or swing to offset the ill effects of equipment that is incompatible with your body or golf swing.

Jim Kardash has been selected by Golf Digest and his peers, as one of the Best Teachers in Maryland!
(Golf Instruction/Golf Lessons)



Who finds it hardest to get a fairway shot on a high trajectory straight at the target?

Three reasons your Fairway Wood or Hybrid might not be the perfect match

The first step to hitting better golf shots is a 30-minute assessment with your current equipment.
Let us learn about your golf swing, how much you play, and what improvements you’d like to see in your golf.

Want to challenge your mastery of the short game?

Then here are four skills challenges to test yourself. These challenges will examine your short pitch, greenside bunker, long chip and lob shot skills. Keep score and test yourself regularly. Make sure you’re improving and you’ll shoot lower scores.

The short pitch

Find a location 40 yards from the flag.
Now take 10 shots trying to get as many as possible within a 10 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 5 foot ring.

The greenside bunker shot

Find a bunker location that is no more than 10 yards from the flag. Now take 10 shots trying to get as many as possible within a
8 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 4 foot ring.

The long chip shot

Find a location just off the Putting surface with 20 yards (60 feet) to the hole. Now take 10 shots trying to get as many as possible within a 6 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 3 foot ring and seeing how many they sink.

The greenside lob shot

Find a location that is approximately 15 yards between you and the hole with a bunker in between. You will need to get the ball up and land it softly. Take 10 shots and see how many you can get within an 8 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 4 foot ring.

In every round you will face these shots or variations on them. In fact, next time out record how many shots from 40 yards in you actually have to play. Think about your technique and equipment. Then make an improvement plan. It’s the quickest way to reduce your score.

New Golf mats at Arundel Golf park

Arundel Golf Park

Arundel Golf park is proud to announce that we have installed brand new state of the art Golf Mats for your enjoyment on the best driving range in Anne Arundel County! We appreciate your business and support and look forward to exceeding all of your expectations with regards to our continued efforts to be the best not only our Driving Range but our entire facility. So tell your friend and come out and hits some golf balls to your hearts content and be sure to bring the kids for some great mini-golf and batting practice.

Thank you again for your business!

AGP Staff