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ARUNDEL GOLF PARK is your source for custom fit golf equipment. We offer a wide variety of FREE fittings


Arundel Golf Park is proud to announce that PING has awarded our facility their Top 100 PING Fitter plaque for 2013.  We want to thank all of you for trusting us with helping you enjoy the game more by investing in PING custom fitting

Our dedicated coaches look forward to helping more of you in 2018 and finding the right club combinations for your unique swing, so you can play better golf more often and have more fun.  Book a fitting today.



article-1A PGA Professional will deliver a higher return on your Golf Investment than anyone else. 

As seen in countless magazines or on television, PGA Professionals add an average of 20 yards to most amateur golfer’s tee shots.

PGA Professionals combine their extensive knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing with the ability to analyze your swing. This combination allows for a tailored swing analysis that addresses your specific needs. 

 PGA Professionals are trained specifically on how to get a golfer’s swing faster, more accurate, and how to fit the right club to the right golfer. This expertise yields impressive results for any level of golfer as a faster, more accurate swing with the right club allows the golf ball to travel further.    


In a recent customer satisfaction survey of 100,000 golfers, it was found that over 80 percent of those who purchased their clubs through a PGA Professional were “very pleased” with their results. This is compared to  only 72 percent of customers who were “very pleased” who did not purchase through a PGA Professional. 

Finally, not a single customer in this survey who purchased through a PGA Professional was displeased with their results. 

PGA Professionals provide the best Return on Golf Investment (RoGI). With that information why would you buy something and risk not getting a return?


Our PGA Professionals can test and analyze a player’s launch conditions and recommend the proper model, loft, shaft, shaft flex, shaft length, grip type and grip size.


Our PGA Professionals can test the player’s iron launch conditions to identify the best model and then dynamicallArundel Golf Park Logoy fit length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, grip type and grip size custom specifications.


Long Game Fitting from our PGA Professionals is to provide the player with the proper combination of fairway woods, utility (hybrids) clubs and long irons that provide playable trajectories at preferred yardage gaps.


Our wedge fitting will match loft, bounce, sole design, and club face spin characteristics with a player’s swing technique. Consistent yardage gaps combined with optimal control and spin allow players to better capitalize on scoring opportunities with their wedges.


Choosing the right golf ball for your game can make a dramatic difference in your performance on the golf course. As with club fitting, a ball fitting with our PGA Professionals can guide you to a golf ball that maximizes your game.


Do you ever wonder why you are constantly hitting the same 5 clubs in the bag? It is because your set make up is not correct for you. Our PGA Professionals can analyze your swing and tell you which clubs you should be in your bag.