COVID-19 Policy

To our valued customers,

Right now, in this time of uncertainty, we want to reiterate that the health of our customers and employees is our top priority. At this time we will be remaining open while taking all the necessary precautions to protect the health of our community. We are practicing all recommended preventative measures including:

  • Frequent sanitizing of high-touch surfaces such as counters, doors, the range ball dispenser etc.
  • Leaving the plastic winter screens in place between the tee stations to provide a barrier
  • following all guidelines recommended by the CDC, including requiring employees to remain at home if sick
  • Remaining up to date with all State and Federal updates regarding the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our small business, especially during these uncertain times.
Please be safe and stay healthy!
Jim, Renee, John, Lou and all of us at Arundel Golf Park

Congratulations Jim
Jim Kardash, owner of Arundel Golf Park receives GolfDigest Best Teachers Award for Maryland again for the 2017 & 2018 season. 

Golf Digest Awards Arundel Golf Park Best Teachers by State 2015-2018

PGA Golf Lessons & Instruction provided by Jim Kardash & John Miller

Our Golf Instruction Programs are a well-structured, highly comprehensive program geared to long-term improvement and lowering your golf score.

Improvement takes three steps: instruction, efficient practice, and properly fit equipment.

  • Instruction provides knowledge and helps to create more effective movement patterns
  • Practice reinforces what was learned and assists the golfer in creating a more automatic stroke/swing with less conscious thought
  • Properly-fit equipment will reward your good swings, increase your enjoyment of the game, and free you from making compensations in your set up and/or swing to offset the ill effects of equipment that is incompatible with your body or golf swing.

Jim Kardash has been selected by Golf Digest and his peers, as one of the Best Teachers in Maryland!
(Golf Instruction/Golf Lessons)



Who finds it hardest to get a fairway shot on a high trajectory straight at the target?

Three reasons your Fairway Wood or Hybrid might not be the perfect match

The first step to hitting better golf shots is a 30-minute assessment with your current equipment.
Let us learn about your golf swing, how much you play, and what improvements you’d like to see in your golf.

Want to challenge your mastery of the short game?

Then here are four skills challenges to test yourself. These challenges will examine your short pitch, greenside bunker, long chip and lob shot skills. Keep score and test yourself regularly. Make sure you’re improving and you’ll shoot lower scores.

The short pitch

Find a location 40 yards from the flag.
Now take 10 shots trying to get as many as possible within a 10 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 5 foot ring.

The greenside bunker shot

Find a bunker location that is no more than 10 yards from the flag. Now take 10 shots trying to get as many as possible within a
8 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 4 foot ring.

The long chip shot

Find a location just off the Putting surface with 20 yards (60 feet) to the hole. Now take 10 shots trying to get as many as possible within a 6 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 3 foot ring and seeing how many they sink.

The greenside lob shot

Find a location that is approximately 15 yards between you and the hole with a bunker in between. You will need to get the ball up and land it softly. Take 10 shots and see how many you can get within an 8 foot ring.

Those who want to be wizards should be targeting a 4 foot ring.

In every round you will face these shots or variations on them. In fact, next time out record how many shots from 40 yards in you actually have to play. Think about your technique and equipment. Then make an improvement plan. It’s the quickest way to reduce your score.

New Golf mats at Arundel Golf park

Arundel Golf Park

Arundel Golf park is proud to announce that we have installed brand new state of the art Golf Mats for your enjoyment on the best driving range in Anne Arundel County! We appreciate your business and support and look forward to exceeding all of your expectations with regards to our continued efforts to be the best not only our Driving Range but our entire facility. So tell your friend and come out and hits some golf balls to your hearts content and be sure to bring the kids for some great mini-golf and batting practice.

Thank you again for your business!

AGP Staff